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ASU Week In Review: Todd Graham, Two Game-Winners And Plenty Of Questions

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The week of Dec. 10-17 proved to be an eventful one for Sun Devils everywhere. We watched Trent Lockett turn 21. We watched Carrick Felix give Lockett one of the best birthday gifts he's likely received. We watched ASU choose its new football head coach. We even watched the nation react to ASU's hire in a very vocal way.

These developments and more make up this week's good, bad, and unpredictable:

The good:


The Sun Devils basketball squad beat out the North Dakota State Bison (previously 7-1) in dramatic fashion last Saturday, as Felix nailed a game-winning, three-point buzzer-beater to gift the Sun Devils and birthday boy Lockett a 60-57 victory.


After 17 days, ASU finally hired a head coach for its football program, Todd Graham. Whether or not Graham's hire turns out to be a good one remains to be seen, but it's good that the Sun Devils finally hired someone to start moving ahead with the process of recruiting and re-establishing coherence within the football program.

The bad:


Just one week after a game-winning three worked in their favor against the Bison, the Sun Devils found themselves on the receiving end of a game-winning three a week later when NAU's Stallon Saldivar nailed a three-pointer with 0.8 seconds left to give the Lumberjacks a 69-68 win. This loss is particularly painful because the Sun Devils were ahead all game and had seemingly overcome a plethora of turnovers (10) in the first half with only three turnovers in the second.


Graham is been hounded by pretty much every media outlet in the land for the way in which he left Pitt (by texting his players good-bye). He's also getting a lot of flack for taking his fourth new job in six years. It's good that ASU's coaching search is over, but it'd be nice for it to end a note that wasn't mired with so much national negative feedback.

Wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Steve Broussard left the ASU football program to join Jim Mora Jr.'s staff over at UCLA. His departure leaves plenty of questions about ASU's 2012 recruiting class. Which takes us right to...

The unpredictable:


The Sun Devils have altered wins and losses over their past six games without fail. When will they snap out of that trend and put together a solid winning streak? It's anybody's guess, but this week could provide just the scene as Southern Miss and Fresno State come to town on Monday and Wednesday, respectively.


As of now, it isn't clear where offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone will end up for next season. Mazzone was reported to leave ASU and join Mora at UCLA, but negotiations with the Bruins have since stalled and there is a possibility that Mazzone comes back to ASU to join Graham's staff. Mazzone's return would be huge for ASU's continuity as it prepares for next season.