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Las Vegas Bowl: Q&A With Boise State Broncos Blog, OBNUG

Good Lord, Sparky needs to wipe that grin off that stupid horse's face. (Photo by Otto Kitsinger III/Getty Images)
Good Lord, Sparky needs to wipe that grin off that stupid horse's face. (Photo by Otto Kitsinger III/Getty Images)
Getty Images

We've gone and done something crazy, folks. After exchanging Q&A for the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas with One Broncos Nation Under God, we accepted a challenge from them. Whichever team wins is given space on the opponent's blog to write whatever they like.

When the Sun Devils beat the Broncos, we're going to have a lot of interesting things to say, and we'd love your input on what that might be in the comments section -- make it awesome, because they deserve nothing less for all the stuff that's been said about our prestigious university on their comments.

Without further ado, here's the answers to our questions by Kevan from OBNUG. Our answers should go live on their site at a later time are now available for consumption!

1. Just how disappointed are you guys to be playing in the Las Vegas Bowl again? Two years in a row is pretty amazingly bad luck.

At least we aren't BYU who went to the Vegas Bowl in perpetuity during the Max Hall years. Still, even a slight resemblance to BYU is enough to make the stomach turn. I know that there are far worse bowls than the Vegas Bowl (that thing in Shreveport comes to mind), but for a team and a fanbase that has been within makeable kicks of BCS games the past two seasons, Vegas at Christmas is just the worst.

Bronco Nation has put on its happy face, don't get me wrong. We'll tell you we love being in Las Vegas and love the chance to play a Pac-12 team, skids or no skids. But I get the feeling that most of us have kind of checked out and are just waiting for the NFL Drat (where we'll have a chance to feel all martyred again when Kellen Moore goes in the seventh round to the Raiders).

2. Our coaching search lasted for eons and we ended up with Todd Graham. Any concern that Chris Petersen will ever leave Boise for a top gig, such as Penn State?

Pete has come close in recent years, most seriously considering the job at Stanford last season. There is a widely held belief in Bronco Nation that the right job will take Pete away ... and that the right job is Oregon. He likes the West Coast, has ties to the Ducks, and would get loads of cach support from Daddy Warbucks Phil Knight. When jobs like Penn State surface, they are never really taken seriously inside Idaho. We know that the Moby Dick of jobs is out there and Pete has little reason to settle for anything less.

3. What do we need to do to beat the Broncos on Thursday? Is it even possible?

Boise State has had its share of problems in the secondary, so Arizona State can probably find success passing the ball against the Broncos. I think we all agree that the Sun Devils can't win by scoring 28 points or less, so they'll need to bring the fireworks - the spinning tanks and beehives, not the ground bloomers and ash snakes.

The other key would be field position. The Broncos have absolutely dominated field position this season, and on the rare occasion when they weren't starting at their 40-yard line, they took awhile figuring things out. The field position battle will come down to special teams and extended drives on offense. If ASU goes three-and-out a lot and gets nowhere on kickoff and punt returns, then it might be a long night. If not, then the Sun Devils have a fighting chance.

4. Okay, so you are joining the Big East, which should be a very interesting experiment in national conferences. Do you think it is inevitable that the entire conference model will explode, or will the BCS go first?

I would like nothing more than to see the BCS implode in the next five years and for a playoff system to take its place. I think there is enough evidence out there that this is the right thing and the thing that needs to happen. Unfortunately, those factors rarely matter in college football. Instead of a playoff, I would imagine that the higher-ups try to fix the BCS by streamlining it or expanding it or adding formulas and computers to it. It is a dead horse that they are hooking up to life support and taking down to Mexico for experimental dead horse treatments. The world wants them to give up and declare it dead. The CFB bigwigs are just stubborn.

5. What's the best Boise jersey combo? What about ASU? Give us the skinny.

I am fond of the blue helmets, white jerseys, and orange pants, although I liked their gray tops and blue pants this season more than I thought I would. For Arizona State, you can't go wrong with all black. No one ever has.

I would even be interested in seeing different wardrobe combinations for the coaches in the Vegas Bowl. For Chris Petersen, some Jnco jeans, an ironic Rick Mirer Seahawks jersey, and a beanie. For Dennis Erickson, skinny jeans, a tweed vest, and giant hipster glasses. Make it work!