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ASU Football Future Schedules: Cancel The Tough Games Already

Thanks to the fine compilation at, we can see the future out of conference football schedules for the Arizona St. Sun Devils.

Based on the table below, we have some very difficult games in the future, including games against BCS foes in Notre Dame (x3), Wisconsin, LSU (x2) and San Diego State (x2).

The real question to ponder is, why should we even bother? Virginia Tech and Alabama prove that all you need to do is win, baby, win. Al Davis would be so proud.

2011 2012
09/01 - UC Davis (Win) 09/01 - Northern Arizona
09/09 - Missouri (Win) 09/08 - Illinois
09/17 - at Illinois (Loss) 09/15 - at Missouri

2013 2014
10/05 - Notre Dame (at Arlington, TX) 09/06 - Weber State
TBA - Sacramento State 09/13 - at New Mexico
TBA - Wisconsin 10/25 - Notre Dame
2015 2016
09/12 - at LSU 09/10 - LSU
09/19 - Cal Poly 09/17 - at UTSA
TBA - New Mexico TBA - Northern Arizona
2017 2018
09/07 - San Diego State 09/01 - UTSA
09/16 - at Notre Dame 09/08 - at San Diego State

End result, ASU might want to reconsider these tough matchups. Dropping LSU in favor of, say, Idaho would not draw a huge crowd, but it would draw something even more important -- a checkmark in the win column. That could be the difference between a 10-2 season and a 9-3 season, and, more importantly, a possible berth in the Fiesta Bowl.

The fan in me loves good out of conference games, but why play them if we will just be penalized (like Oregon was for playing LSU)? It just doesn't matter anymore, and it is a real shame.