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ASU Coaching Search: June Jones A Sun Devil? Twitter Says Probably

There is a lot of hot air that blows through Twitter every single day, and most of it ends up being false, misleading information. With that said, isn't that all we care about? Getting the latest scoop on our favorite college sports team? That's what I thought.

This, however, looks pretty legitimate.


Source: On Tuesday, SMU coach June Jones pulled his staff off the recruiting trail and asked them to assemble for meeting today at 10 a.m.
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You don't pull your staff off the road when they are spread over the country and have planned visits they'll have to cancel unless....
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Source told us that SMU head coach June Jones has pulled his staff off the road from their recruiting trips. If this isn't a sign...
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I have confirmed June Jones and his staff are in a meeting, right now. I am told he is likely heading to Arizona State.
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We're hearing that this is gaining a lot of traction, but don't get carried away just yet - I am pretty sure we are the only BCS school courting him at this time, but stranger things have happened.

He seems like just the man we want, though. Promising to stay at SMU just two days ago and all.