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Sun Devil Baseball Alumni Game: Perfect Weather, Good Game

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In search of something fun to do on Saturday afternoon, a friend and I headed out to Jim Brock Ballpark to watch an exhibition game between the 2011 ASU baseball team and some notable alumni. The weather was 75 degrees, and there weren't any clouds to be seen.

Ike Davis took the field for the alumni, and Los Angeles Dodgers All-Star outfielder Andre Ethier hung out in the dugout. Steven Brody Stevens, former baseball player and current comedian best known for a brief appearance in 2009's The Hangover, took control of the mic halfway through the game and cracked jokes at the expense of the third base coach and himself, of course.

The crowd turnout wasn't so good, considering the team is barred from postseason play and this was an event partially created to spur season ticket sales. Regardless, it was a perfect afternoon for seeing what the baseball team will be capable of this year, and a good tuneup for New Mexico's visit next Saturday evening.