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Cougars Take On Sun Devils, Look To Make Case For NCAA Tournament

With the Washington State Cougars visiting Tempe today, the Sun Devils have a total of three more opportunities to win a home game in Pac-10 play.

That's right: ASU has been winless in Pac-10 play at Wells Fargo Arena this season. Their only win, a road victory over the Oregon Ducks, occurred all the way back on New Year's Day. The fans, already fickle in their support, have shown even less enthusiasm when it comes to attendance.

Klay Thompson is still the top scoring option for the Cougs, averaging over 20 points a game and terrorizing opponents with his seasoned game.

The Devils have their work cut out for them again, and I'm not sure they can pull off the upset - the Cougars need this win in order to have a chance for the Big Dance.

Washington State 71, ASU 59