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Jahii Carson, Top ASU Prospect, Playing In Next All-American Classic On April 3

Sun Devils fans have been voicing their displeasure with the 12-19 ASU basketball season that mercifully wrapped up with a loss in the opening round of the Pac-10 Tournament.

For a glimpse at a brighter future, tune into the Next All-American Classic on April 3rd, which will be broadcast on CBS College Sports Network at noon. Our top prospect for the 2011-2012 season, Jahii Carson, will be playing for the "Got Next" team, alongside several other top prospects.

Carson is a 5'10" high school standout from Mesa, Arizona, and is well-known for his 58 point explosion in a playoff loss to Brophy. This game is a charity event, with proceeds to be donated to Chicago Public Schools athletic programs.

I look forward to seeing Carson go toe-to-toe with some quality competition. While this isn't on the same level as being a McDonald's All-American, but these kids are definitely going to put forth their best effort to impress any and all scouts that will be watching the game.

With 12 players on each roster, Carson might not play a ton of minutes, but hopefully he will make an impact. Just like ASU fans hope for a big improvement for the Sun Devils basketball program with Carson at the helm.