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NCAA Basketball Tournament: Cinderella Came To Dance In 2011

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If you're a fan of March Madness, how could you not be satisfied with the quality of the NCAA Tournament so far? The Sweet 16 is chock full of teams that "shouldn't be there." Two Mountain West teams, an Atlantic 10 squad, the Horizon League champions? This is what it's all about, and there are still a few possible Cinderellas left to play on Sunday.

No one represents the little guy quite like the Butler Bulldogs, who refuse to fall victim to the Goliaths of the college basketball world. In defeating the top-seeded Pittsburgh Panthers on Saturday, Brad Stevens and his team have proven that experience and confidence can go a long way in such an unpredictable sport.

When you're a fan of a team that didn't even make the NCAA Tournament, it's difficult to not cheer for the George Mason Patriots or the Butler Bulldogs. These teams embody more than just a lower seed defeating an established power -- they are proof that anyone can succeed with the right worth ethic, and that the pursuit of a dream is something worth doing.

The underdog is victorious all the time in the world around us, whether it's the small business owner that turns a profit or a young man who escapes poverty to be a successful lawyer. The big difference between those scenarios and March Madness is that the games are unfolding right in front of our eyes, for the world to see and celebrate.

That's what makes March Madness so special -- it's proof that anyone can make a difference, even against all the odds.