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Herb Sendek: Could ASU Coach Be Headed Elsewhere?

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William Boor, our respected blogging colleague and writer for the ASU student newspaper The State Press, went on the air with SportsCaveTV to discuss the rumors swirling around Herb Sendek.

Sendek's name has been mentioned in various media outlets as a possible candidate for several openings across the NCAA landscape, including Providence and Georgia Tech. But would Sendek leave the cozy surroundings of Tempe to take on a new challenge, especially when he has so much unfinished business here?

William discussed the future of ASU basketball and whether or not Herb Sendek will be around to coach the team in the video below. Truth be told, Sendek is in a good situation as the coach of ASU, and it would be a very difficult decision to leave this program for other colleges of similar prestige.

Check out the video below, and thanks to William for taking the time to do this interview!