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Sweet 16, Day 2: NCAA Tournament Open Discussion

Wow. After watching Arizona rip apart Duke last night in Anaheim, I'm completely floored by the transformation of Wildcats basketball. We've all been watching them this season, and did anyone expect them to be so dominant against the defending champions?

I thought Texas would beat them. I was wrong. I thought for SURE Duke would win. I was terribly incorrect. Now, I'm not sure. I think they have a very good chance of going to the Final Four. Will my reverse psychology work? God, lets hope so.

Tonight's games are awesome. VCU, Florida State, Richmond, and Marquette all look to advance their Cinderella stories to the Elite Eight. Here's the full schedule:

Friday's 2011 NCAA Tournament TV time schedule (Pacific Time)

4:15 p.m, CBS -- North Carolina Tar Heels vs. Marquette Golden Eagles (Nantz/Kellogg/Wilson)

4:27 p.m., TBS -- Kansas Jayhawks vs. Richmond Spiders (Albert/Kerr/Sager)

6:45 p.m., CBS -- Ohio St. Buckeyes vs. Kentucky Wildcats (Nantz/Kellogg/Wilson)

6:57 p.m. TBS -- Florida St. Seminoles vs. VCU Rams (Albert/Kerr/Sager)

Talk about the games right here!