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Where is this 'future' that ASU fans keep hearing about?

While no fan ever wants their team’s season to come to an end, it seems as if the end for ASU basketball can’t come soon enough.

Despite the fact that the Sun Devils won their final two games of the regular season, I couldn’t be more excited for the season, and misery to end.

After finishing second in the Pac-10 in 2010, there was optimism around the ASU basketball program. This basketball team, despite the youth, was supposed to contend. After a disappointing football season in Tempe, basketball was expected to revitalize the community and finally give ASU some wins.

However, the 2010-2011 ASU basketball team did none of those things. Instead, the Sun Devils finished last in the conference. At points throughout the season, ASU had a 9 game losing streak, an 11 game conference losing streak and went more than two months without winning back to back games.

Arizona State may have won their final two regular season games, and may win a game or two in the Pac-10 tournament, but that does not take the sting or disappointment out of this season. There is no way to look at this season without being saddened, disgusted, embarrassed, or frustrated.

Each and every time the Sun Devils take the court from here on out, it only reminds Sun Devil fans of what could have been.

Anytime the team does something good, fans are left wondering "what if…?" But the Sun Devils often counter those good performances with a bad or negative to play just to remind ASU fans about how this season really went.

Some may argue that the last few games have shown growth and promise for the future, but aren’t Sun Devils fans sick and tired of hearing about the future?

Not only was this year’s basketball team supposed to be good based upon last year, but the football team is also a frequent preacher of growth.

Ever since Rudy Carpenter left, Dennis Erickson and the rest of the ASU football program have been preaching about the growth and potential.

Unfortunately for ASU fans that potential has yet to be seen. Potential, promise and growth may be exciting for a season or two, but at some point they need to deliver.

Sun Devil fans should be disappointed in the current basketball season and should also be frustrated with the athletics department.

Promising a bright future is only effective for so long and Sun Devils fans are still waiting for Sun Devil athletics to return to prominence.