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Pac-10 Tournament Opening Round: Sun Devils Face Oregon In "Win Or Go Home" Situation

Well, this is it, folks. The time has come for the Sun Devils to play in the Pac-10 Tournament. I've been excited for this game all week. Maybe it's the late tip, or the urgency of the situation, but I think ASU has a good chance to win this game. Not only because they have already defeated Oregon twice in 2011, but because they are playing well.

This is not a terrible basketball team, folks. ASU gave St. John's a run for their money in the Great Alaska Shootout back in the fall, and the Sun Devils were able to defeat the UAB Blazers (22-7, 12-4 C-USA), who won the regular season conference title in Conference USA. Arizona State can surprise you with their three point shooting barrage. If it's dropping, they might beat you.

Of course, with an 12-18 record, it's hard not to say this is the worst Sun Devils team in the last 6 or 7 years. It's certainly the most disappointing. Coach Herb Sendek could really build a lot of goodwill in Tempe by rattling off some wins in the Pac-10 Tournament. With nothing else to play for but pride and the improbable shot at the NCAA Tournament, why not play fast and loose? Our seniors will give it everything they've got.

Go Devils. Fear the fork.