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New ASU Uniforms? Official Announcement Comes Today

You may never see ASU wear this uniform again.
You may never see ASU wear this uniform again.

Editor's Note: For reaction to today's announcement, check out this article.

ASU is hosting the official public unveiling of the "new look of ASU athletics" this afternoon on campus, unveiling to the world what it has to offer at 2:00 PM Pacific time.

Speculation has run rampant across the internet, but from what we've gathered (which isn't the full picture, unfortunately) there will be a new uniform that has been designed by Nike.

Sparky may not play a significant role on the uniform anymore, according to various internet forums that have speculated on the subject.

The color black and the pitchfork will see more usage by the Sun Devils from 2011 onward.

Since I haven't actually seen or heard anything official from either the school or from those who attended the event, I do not feel obligated to keep my opinions a secret.

I personally think a black uniform that is branded by a pitchfork is going to be an awesome jersey that will attract a lot of young athletes who want to wear the latest and greatest.

Vontaze Burfict is going to look great on his highlight reel videos wearing these uniforms, and our menacing defense will take on another level of intensity with the right attire.

Bravo, ASU. If what we're hearing is even close to accurate, you've made a very wise decision to rebrand your football program and put Sparky where he belongs: on the sideline, doing push ups when the Sun Devils score.