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New uniforms unveiled, ASU finally has black in their wardrobe

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It's time. The rebranding of ASU is finally here and there are many exciting changes for Sun Devil fans to be excited about.

After weeks of speculation, the ASU Athletic Department finally revealed what the "It's Time" campaign has been all about.

Tuesday afternoon, ASU unveiled a new pitchfork, font and new jerseys for the majority of their sports.

While both basketball and football have added black jerseys to their wardrobe, the maroon and gold color scheme remains prominent. The one drastic change occurs in the logo. Sparky has officially been taken off the football helmet, except for a small sticker on the back, in favor of the new pitchfork.

After so much hype and speculation, I had a hard time believing that Tuesday's unveiling would be able to live up to it, but for the most part it did.

The majority of the new uniforms are exciting and revolutionary, but there are a few things I still do not like.

The basketball jerseys are very plain and somewhat boring and my one complaint about the football jerseys would be the fade on the numbers of the black jersey.

However, it was unlikely to think that ASU would get every jersey perfect and would please everyone so there will obviously be some complaints. Overall, I am happy with the changes and am glad to see that ASU added black to both football and basketball.

Black is a very powerful color that a lot of teams like to wear. It looks cool with pretty much everything and it was always baffling and puzzling to me that ASU did not have black jerseys. As silly and immature as it may be, uniforms do have an impact on recruiting.

Black jerseys will help land recruits and will hopefully help the Sun Devils compete in the future.

While these changes are definitely something to be excited about, this excitement will quickly wear off if the football team does not live up to the preseason hype. Fans want this rebranding and want changes, but they also want bowl appearances and wins.

If these changes do not bring wins they will soon be forgotten as the fans will continue to be disappointed with the ASU athletic department.