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New ASU Uniforms: Black, Pitchfork Back In Style For Sun Devils

Here's the new black football jerseys. Pretty incredible, huh?
Here's the new black football jerseys. Pretty incredible, huh?

Arizona State finally unveiled the new look of their athletics program to the world on Tuesday afternoon at the Memorial Union.

The event was swarmed by media and fans eager to see what the Sun Devils had in store. With a prompt start time of 2:00 PM, those in attendance did not have to wait very long.

ASU athletic director Lisa Love first introduced the new font, dubbed "Sun Devil Bold." What was my first reaction? Reminiscent of a font used by Marvel on a comic book; cool, but not overcompensating for anything.

After that, Love introduced the new logo of the university's athletic programs, which is a flashy pitchfork that closely resembles a trident with the handle of an Olympic torch.

When it was time for the uniforms to be presented, most teams had a representative on stage to model the new gear. Sun Devils basketball and football got the highest billing, and both programs have now been given a black alternate jersey.

The football helmet is probably the best part of the whole change, with the aforementioned pitchfork aiming towards the front of the helmet.

"I'm loving [the new jerseys]. Black is my favorite color, so I'm glad they let me wear this one today," ASU sophomore basketball player Trent Lockett said after the event, looking down at his black uniform.

"We're definitely looking forward to stepping on the court with these next year," Lockett added. "We're unifying athletes with this new symbol, and also having a good relationship with Nike will help us recruit."

Ruslan Pateev, center on the basketball team, was also highly encouraged by the new look. "I think it's unique, no one has it. I really like it, to be honest." Pateev added that he liked the new black jerseys out of all the options. "It's new, that's why I think everyone's liking it."

The Sun Devils will start using the new font and logo for the 2011-12 athletic season, and the buzz surrounding this change has been very enthusiastic and positive.

Truth be told, this has been mostly a regional phenomenon. When ASU takes the field next season, the rest of the country will take notice.

In other news, welcome to House Of Sparky.