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Welcome To House Of Sparky, All ASU Fans Aboard

Chances are, you've stumbled upon this site today looking for pictures and information about the new ASU uniforms. Congratulations, you picked a good site to read today -- but you really should consider bookmarking this page and coming back more often. Why's that?

You're here because you're a fan of ASU. You support the Sun Devils in a variety of ways, whether its through membership of the Sun Devil Club, season tickets to the football team, or you might even have an ASU license plate. 

You're exactly the type of person that belongs at House Of Sparky. This site exists to discuss the current events surrounding the world of Sun Devil athletics, and we enjoy hearing the opinions of fans just like us. Fans just like you.

What do you think of the ASU baseball team? Will Brock Osweiler be able to lead the football team to a Pac-12 South crown? Will our basketball squad improve on a poor 2010-11 season? All of these things are up for debate here.

This is getting a bit long winded, but today has been an exciting day in our school's history and future. It could change the way we see ourselves, and the way the country views us. Lets talk about history while it's happening. Welcome to House Of Sparky, Sun Devils fans.

Coverage of the new ASU uniforms from April 12th:

William Boor's reaction to the new ASU uniforms.

Jess Root's reaction to the new ASU uniforms.

Cory Williams reports from the event with quotes from ASU basketball players.


This is one of the new logos, and here's a picture of a maroon and gold football jersey:


Hope to hear more from you guys about the changes.