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New ASU Uniforms: The Day After The Unveiling

Ruslan Pateev repping the new ASU black basketball jerseys.
Ruslan Pateev repping the new ASU black basketball jerseys.

We've had about 27 hours to let this drastic change in Sun Devil imagery sink into our collective minds. After looking over the stock photos once again this afternoon, I am just as excited as I was yesterday.

To be honest, I was completely fixated on the black uniforms yesterday. They were new, flashy, and stuck out like a sore thumb on the stage. After looking at the maroon and white options, I must say that they are just as exciting.

Maroon and gold have been the colors of ASU for a long time, and they must continue to wear their primary colors for the majority of the season. All of the flair from these new uniforms will provide a boost to player confidence and recruiting, a la Oregon.

No one is saying that these uniforms are going to change ASU from a middle-of-the-Pac school to an elite athletic university, but what happens next is key. The Sun Devils most prove it on the field, or else all of this is meaningless.