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Pat's Run 2011: Why Do You Participate?

Pat's Run is this Saturday, and it's important to ask the question: if you're participating, why do you do it?

I have been out of town for the past few years, sadly, but during my college years I jumped at the opportunity to run the 4.2 miles.

The story of Pat Tillman inspires me. It proves that there is a greater calling in life, even if you are already a professional athlete. Tillman is proof positive that you always have a choice in the life you lead, and nullifies the notion that we are set in our paths.

It's a tragedy that Tillman's life ended so soon, but his life's mission was just. I run in Pat's Run because it's an experience unlike any other -- crossing the 42-yard line at Sun Devil Stadium is an incredible ending to an inspiring race.

Pat's Run also gives you the chance to push yourself beyond normal exertion, and it's a great feeling of accomplishment so early on a Saturday morning. 

Why do you participate in Pat's Run? Tell the world in the comments below.