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ASU Football: Is Mike Bercovici An Option For Starting Quarterback?

ASU had a spring scrimmage on Saturday, and I got a bit of interesting information from j-dubs, a regular lurker here at House Of Sparky. "Bercovici needs to be the starter," he said via email.

"He's got what we need. Blowing Brock (Osweiler) away," he added. Mike Bercovici is a true freshman who just enrolled at ASU in January, much like Osweiler did a few years back. A three-star recruit as rated by, Bercovici could open up the season as high as the second string.

"Berc has a quick release, is accurate, and it's on the money," our eagle-eyed ASU fan added. "The only pass Brock (is better at) is the swing."

While this is a nice sentiment, I'm not sure that Bercovici is the right guy for the job in 2011. While no one thinks Osweiler is an amazing QB, he does have a little experience and deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Unless Berc can outright steal the job from Osweiler, it shouldn't be a competition - we have a seasoned core of players that need to be led by an upperclassman during a very important year in Sun Devil history. The Pac-12 South is at stake.