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ASU Baseball: With no postseason in sight, does this season have a purpose?

The Arizona State University baseball team is off to a 21-6 start, but something about this season, just does not feel the same.

Although there is a slim chance that the Sun Devils will be eligible to play in the postseason this year, the current season seems somewhat meaningless.

If ASU's appeal is denied and the Sun Devils are unable to go to the postseason, which is the most likely outcome, then what is the point of this season?

Competition is about winning and people play sports to win. At the beginning of most, if not all seasons, teams set goals that involve winning conferences, divisions and championships.

If the Sun Devils are unable to compete for a championship then what is the point of this season?

Yes it is nice to see the team play well and watch them build so that the odds of winning a championship next year are increased, but this season still feels like a waste of time.

The current ASU baseball team is young, but is also very talented. They may not be quite good enough to win a National Championship on paper, but if they got hot at the right time then anything is possible. Unfortunately for Sun Devil fans these questions will never be answered.

Unless the NCAA makes a shocking ruling and allows the Sun Devils to go to the postseason, no one will ever know what this team was capable of.

The 2011 ASU baseball season is simply an opportunity for fans to watch their team while players put up stats to improve draft stock.

While it may be entertaining for the time being, it is also a waste of time. Sun Devil fans will never get answers about the 2011 baseball team. This year will be remembered as a season full of "what-ifs" because ASU players and fans will never know what this team would have been able to accomplish in either the super regional's or the College World Series, or both.

It may be disappointing that the Sun Devils can not compete for a national championship, but this team will still have an opportunity to win the last Pac-10 championship.

A conference championship would be nice, but it will still be unfortunate that the Sun Devils will be unable to build upon what is shaping up to be another strong regular season.