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Sun Devils Land Another European Guard

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Fresh off the heels of a relatively successful, albeit up and down, playing career by Rihards Kuksiks, the Sun Devils look to have locked up another European player. Jonathan Gilling from Denmark has committed to the Sun Devils to play basketball in 2012. Gilling looks like he may be the real deal, as coaches have praised his all around performance. Offensively he puts up solid assists and points,while contributing on the defensive side as well. In an interview with Doug Haller, Gilling refers to himself as a "Tall shooter. Very creative. Good off the dribble (with) nice assists."

At 6-7, 205, Gilling is seen as either a SG or SF. With his size, he could be a tough matchup for teams to guard as he has the ability to knock down the outside shot. Gilling also had scholarship offers from Gonzaga, Michigan, and Boston College. He chose ASU based on the coaches, facilities, and climate. It looks like the 2012 recruiting class is off to a good start. Hopefully Herb can get some big bodies to mash down low and pick up some rebounds.