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ASU Unveils "New Look Of ASU Athletics" Tonight; Will It Live Up To The Hype?

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Tonight is the night that Sun Devil fans have been waiting for. The Sun Devil Club is unveiling the "new look of ASU athletics" this evening up in Scottsdale. Those who are fortunate enough to attend the event will be required to sign disclaimers that prohibit the discussion of what they have seen and heard.

Excitement is a great way to draw attention to your program, but what if the unveiling doesn't live up to expectations?

It has become apparent that ASU is very enthusiastic about tonight's festivities, and to charge $125 ($25 if you're already a Sun Devil Club member) to attend means that there is going to be huge news.

While I believe that the color black is going to play a big part in what is announced tonight, there has to be more to it than new helmets, logos and jerseys. There has to be an announcement of some kind. A shift in the paradigm. Will Nike continue to provide for our school, or will a surprise company enter the fold? I'm looking at you, Under Armour.

This Sun Devil fan has seen changes occur all the time, but there's no way to justify this event without a breakthrough. Hopefully expectations are met with something that blows away our alumni base and promotes this school to the giant that it should be.