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Pac-12 TV Deal Benefits Arizona State Football, Basketball

 In his continual effort to make the Pac-12 the most visible and marketable conference in the NCAA, Commissioner Larry Scott helped the Pac-12 negotiate and agree to a landmark television contract last week.

The 12-year $3 billion contract with ESPN and Fox will benefit all schools in the conference, including Arizona State University.

"The new partnership will serve ASU extremely well," ASU vice president of athletics Lisa Love said. "Our tradition rich varsity sport program will not have the opportunity to shine coast to coast. We're pleased that our television partners recognized the power of the conference.

"Much is to be gained by broadening our exposure and therein introducing our Midwest and eastern friends to the competitive depth and breadth of the Pac-12," Love added. "This is an exciting day for the Sun Devils."

The contract, which begins in the 2012-2013 season, will guarantee each of the 12 schools $21 million per year. It will also quadruple the conference's media rights and provide the Pac-12 with the ability to launch their own network.

Football and men's basketball will obviously be the main beneficiaries of the increased exposure, but the Olympic sports will also receive increased coverage and media attention, likely on ESPNU.

In addition, the Pac-12 will launch a digital network that will allowing the conference to stream games online that are not being shown on either Fox or ESPN.

This deal could not come at a better time for the Sun Devils who, along with the conference, are currently trying to revamp their image and increase exposure.

Increased exposure and visibility will obviously help the Sun Devils in the recruiting game, which is something that drastically needs to be improved.

More exposure and attention will provide the Sun Devils with ample more opportunities to show-off their new football and basketball uniforms as well as a chance for the Sun Devils to display their new pitchfork.

For the conference, the deal increases revenue, increases exposure and provides an outlet for the broadcasting of non-revenue sports, but for the Sun Devils it provides an enormous opportunity at a very convenient and strategic time.