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Rumor Mill: Tyler Gabbert Transferring, ASU An Option

Blaine Gabbert's brother, Tyler, decided to transfer from Missouri after the Tigers decided to go with redshirt freshman James Franklin as the starting quarterback going into the 2011 season.

Gabbert is also a redshirt freshman, and will not be eligible to play until 2012, when he will be a RS sophomore.

Per The Sporting News, Gabbert's father has released several options for the young quarterback, who at 6 foot, 187 pounds is ready to play as soon as his eligibility returns:

Chuck Gabbert, the player's father, said Tyler already is in contact with the following programs: Arizona, Arizona State, Clemson, Iowa, Louisville, Northwestern, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest and Arkansas State.

Certain news reports already have identified Nebraska as a front-runner for Gabbert's services. Tyler---just as his brother Blaine had---verbally committed to the Huskers as a high schooler before changing his destination to Columbia, Mo.

Should we take any stock in this report? In my opinion, ASU owed it to themselves and the fanbase to feel out Tyler Gabbert to see if there was any mutual interest in him playing in maroon and gold. Obviously, he was a highly sought after recruit, and Brock Osweiler will have graduated by the time Gabbert is a junior.

While I'm hopeful that Gabbert would transfer to play for the Sun Devils, it's just not a likely option. I'd be more confident in Arizona or Louisville getting the young player, as he could play immediately in 2012 for these squads.

Oh, and Arkansas State doesn't stand a chance unless Gabbert really isn't that good.