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ASU Sun Devils Softball: Top Seed In College World Series

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The Arizona State Sun Devils softball team had an incredible year in 2011, finishing the regular season with a 50-6 record, best in college softball. With that record, they've earned the top seed in the Divison I Softball Championship Bracket.

As the top seed, the Sun Devils get to host the Tempe Regional. They will host a four team, double elimination bracket that also includes Long Beach State, North Dakota State, and San Diego State (on a side note, whoever put together four "state" schools has a great sense of humor).

Arizona State takes on North Dakota State on Friday, May 20 at 2:30 in the afternoon local time. They will then play the next round on Saturday, with the game time depending on whether they win or lose on Friday.

Should ASU advance to the Super Regionals, they would be the host of that round as well.

Sun Devils fans are being rewarded for their team's success, and hosting a regional of the College World Series is a great honor for this program.

Katelyn Boyd looks to continue her excellent season during the Tempe Regional. Boyd hit .431 with 15 home runs and 54 RBI during the regular season.

Dallas Escobedo is the probable starting pitcher for the Sun Devils on Friday afternoon. Escobedo went 27-3 during the season with a 1.40 ERA and an incredible 189.1 innings pitched.

Check out more ASU regular season softball statistics, and be sure to cheer on your Devils on Friday afternoon.