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Pac-12 College Football Gambling Futures Odds Released

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With the college football season a mere three months away, gambling futures for the season are beginning to pop up. Arizona State is looking to be one of the favorites to win both the South Divison and the Pac-12 Conference title.

The gambling futures that we're going to look at today are just that -- futures. They can and will change as money is placed on the table. released the figures we're looking at today.

A big thanks to Tomahawk Nation's Bud Elliott for sharing with us the futures, and you can peruse ACC gambling futures on his site.

Pac-12 North Division

California +800
Oregon +100
Oregon State +500
Stanford +175
Washington +300
Washington State +1500

Beginning with the North Division, I'm finding it very interesting that Washington is given such a good chance at winning the division. Sure, they avoid tough matchups against UCLA and ASU, but can they defeat Stanford and Oregon? USC on the road? It just doesn't seem like a good bet to me. Oh, and one other detail: Jake Locker is gone.

It's hard to argue with Oregon or Stanford, but their odds don't give much incentive to bet big. Oregon State would be an attractive choice, but they lost their best running back, Jacquizz Rodgers, to the NFL. You really have to stick with Andrew Luck in this situation: take Stanford at +175.

Lets break down the South Division gambling futures after the jump, along with my selection for Conference champion.

Pac-12 South Division

Arizona +200
Arizona State +150
Colorado +650
UCLA +500
Utah +125

As for the South Division, there are only five options because USC is barred from postseason play. Utah has been given the nod as the team to beat in the South, which is a surprise considering they are moving into a BCS conference for the first time. But guess what -- their schedule is a huge help.

Utah doesn't have to play either Oregon or Stanford in 2011, the two best teams in the conference. Their toughest home game is against ASU on October 8, with tough road games against USC, BYU and Arizona. They have a great chance based on their schedule alone.

Arizona State is very attractive, however. Even if they falter against tough OOC opponents Missouri and Illinois, they won't be penalized in the conference standings. This strong early season schedule will prepare them well for the gauntlet they face once Pac-12 play begins: USC, Oregon State, @Utah, @Oregon.

North Division champ: Stanford

South Division champ: ASU

Conference champion: I'd like to be a homer, but I'm going to play it safe: Stanford will win the Pac-12 conference title in 2011.