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Super Regional: Texas, Arizona State Battle In Elimination Game

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We're down to the wire here, folks.

After the Sun Devils baseball team was able to defeat the Texas Longhorns 3-1 on Friday night, UT game right back in game two to win 5-1 on Saturday night.

What's on the line? The winner gets a spot in the College World Series, an honor that all teams aim for all season long. The loser gets to watch the CWS on ESPN at home.

ASU will be the road team tonight, and will have first ups. What does the pitching situation look like?

Esmay said he plans to decide this morning who his starting pitcher will be. Jake Barrett had been the Sunday starter for ASU throughout the season, but is still ailing from an arm injury suffered on May 15.

"We have to see where everybody's at and make that adjustment when everyone wakes up and we see how fresh they are," Esmay said. "It will be a staff day."

First pitch is at 4:00 PM Pacific time. Good luck to the Devils!