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NCAA Conference Re-Draft Project: Fourth Round Results

The fourth round went quickly on Wednesday as the conferences clamored to pick up their valued assets. Below you will see how the picks went (parentheses indicate previously picked teams):

Red Cup Rebellion: Stanford (LSU, Michigan, North Carolina)
Us: Tennessee (USC, Notre Dame, Oregon)
Big East Coast Bias: Michigan State (Ohio State, Florida State, Louisville)
Team Speed Kills: Texas A&M (Alabama, Oklahoma, Nebraska)
Black Heart Gold Pants: UMiami (Florida, Penn State, Virginia Tech)
BC Interruption: Wisconsin (Texas, Georgia, UCLA)

This round was an interesting one, as you can start to clearly see what each conference values. Red Cup continues to impress, this time by picking up Bay Area school with deep, deep coffers and incredible academic tradition.

We've continued building an impeccable football conference that is facing some allegations of impropriety. Fear not, within a few years all of these teams will be giants once again.

Not sure about Michigan State... solid in all sports but Michigan is not a state you should bet on right now in terms of economic growth. Texas A&M is a great pickup for the smash mouth midwestern conference, but it feels a whole lot like the Big 12.

Miami and Florida in the same conference? Sign me up for that rivalry! Finally, Wisconsin is a good pickup for the Texas conference but who knows how that will work out.

I think everyone will find that the conferences are shaping up nicely, and adding Tennessee gives us legitimacy in the rust belt. Not only that, but we get Pat Summitt and another good quality men's basketball program.

Seriously... we get Pat Summitt.