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Sun Devil football is only 10 days away

Thankfully, there are only 10 more days until the start of the college football season.

The offseason is an exciting time as rankings, scandals, watch lists and recruiting are fun to follow and read, but as the season draws near these things suddenly become boring and monotonous.

While it was fun at first, I am tired about hearing how Brock Osweiler is ready to lead. I am tired of hearing how the Sun Devils are one of the favorites in the Pac-12 South. All the storylines have been there for months.

It is finally time to put up or shut up.

Yes, it is nice to hear all of the positive news, but what does it matter?

As Oregon offensive lineman Mark Asper said on ESPN’s SportsNation, “Preseason rankings are like dialogue on Baywatch, you need them to keep the show going, but they don’t mean anything.”

The hype and the anticipation have been built up enough, the players and the fans are itching to get on the field.

Everyone has read about the Sun Devils over the past few months and “knows” what to expect, but the real story will begin to be told on September 1, when the Devils host UC Davis.

When the Sun Devils take the field, after what seems like an eternity, nothing that was written over the summer will matter.

It would be nice if all those experts and their predictions were guaranteed to be true, but they are not.

That is why the game is played and why everything will be thrown out the window.

College football fans, get ready.

In 10 short days, the best five months of the year begin.