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ASU Football Daily Dish: Tired Of The Talk, Lets Play Football

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Poke around the AZ Central website, and you'll see a familiar refrain: "enough with the predictions and talk, lets see some football!"

I can't help but agree. I am personally very tired of talking about potential and the future; this offseason has been excruciatingly long and we're only four days away from Sun Devils football on September 1.

With that said, we have a duty to check out a few links today. Two are in regards to the Sun Devils' schedule, while the third is a profile of Dennis Erickson.

Sun Devils' Schedule Presents Tough Early Challenges - SB Nation Arizona
SB Nation Arizona newcomer Brad Denny breaks down the difficult first half of the season for the Sun Devils.

Pay attention, ASU football: The schedule is on your side
Paola Boivin, on the other hand, thinks the schedule is a benefit to the Devils.

Dennis Erickson determined to change fortunes of ASU football
Doug Haller profiles Dennis Erickson's journey to legitimacy and success at ASU.