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Erickson, Osweiler are ready to finally play a real game

With the season opener just a few days away, Dennis Erickson and Brock Osweiler took to the podium for the first weekly press conference of the season. Here are the highlights from both the coach and the quarterback as they preview UC Davis.


"It’s time to get going. It’s that time of the year, you can’t wait to play that first football game and give yourself a little bit of an idea of where you’re at."

On UC Davis: "Defensively, they’re very similar to us. They play the 4-3. They’ll play some three down stuff. Coverage wise they play a lot of zone."

"Offensively, they’re multiple. You’ll see them in four wides; you’ll see them in two tight ends."

"They’re similar to us in a lot of ways in what they do offensively and defensively."

Brock Osweiler:

"You always have to know your opponent and respect your opponent. They’re a well coached football team. You don’t see many mistakes. You don’t see many alignment mistakes. They’re a team that’s going to play very hard. They’ve got high motors and they’re going to chase the ball down. I expect a well coached, well-disciplined team and they’re going to come out and play their best game possible."