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The Sun Devils: Excitement Builds For 2011 Season

Man, I love the Sun Devils.

I've been a huge fan for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Flagstaff, it was either the Devils or the Wildrats. Fortunately, I made the right choice!

I haven't been this excited for a college football season since 1997. The 2007 team was an awesome surprise, but that's exactly what it was, a surprise. We didn't expect Rudy Carpenter to carry Dennis Erickson in his first season using mainly Dirk Koetter's recruits, but that's JUST what happened.

I guess I'm lying, a little. 2008 was full of anticipation and we blew it! Losing to UNLV? Seriously? I still get mad when I look back at that terrible night.

But I promised this wouldn't be a negative post. No, this is all about the future of the Sun Devils, and guess what? The future is so bright, I have to put sunblock on my nose... and Sparky has to wear sunglasses.

What do we have to do in 2011 to succeed? Execute! Vontaze Burfict needs to keep his head on straight, not get into fights in the locker room with depth players! GET IT TOGETHER!

Brock Osweiler is really impressive. This kid is from smalltown Kalispell, Montana, yet he's handling media day like a seasoned pro. He's 6'8", mobile, and best of all, is undefeated against the Arizona Wildcats! AU can't touch this guy!

I have really enjoyed the hype from the new jerseys. This lifeblood is fresh and the fans are excited. Can't you tell? Lets win the Pac-12 championship! It's TIME!