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Sun Devils Romp UC Davis, Provide Hope For 2011 Season

As I sit here drinking a Devil's Ale in honor of the Sun Devils, I can't help but be very happy with the way ASU played tonight. Yes, we always play a cupcake. Sure, we always kick some ass. Regardless, I'm going to be very optimistic right now: should this team remain healthy, they are definitely legitimate.

Look at all that speed that Dennis Erickson has recruited. The playcalling was vanilla tonight, but why show off too much and give unnecessary game tape to the Missouri Tigers? They will have a hard enough time stopping Vontaze Burfict, who ripped up Randy Wright on three sacks.

We waited a very long time to see this team on the field, and they left me satisfied. From the start, the offense clicked and Cameron Marshall looks like an NFL-caliber running back. Brock Osweiler found his guys and didn't appear fazed by the duties of being the starting quarterback. Aaron Pflugrad shook off a bad drop early in the game to score two touchdowns.

The defense was stout against the run. Did you see Junior Onyeali? That kid is ready for prime time. Shelly Lyons nearly had an interception, and he will have to convert that opportunity moving forward, but we'll give him a pass tonight.

The only thing left to say is, I hope Brock Osweiler is good to go for Mizzou. He looked like he was in a lot of pain due to that charley horse. Get better B-rock!

Sun Devils' Record: 1-0