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Saturday College Football GameThread: Missouri Faces Miami (OH)

It's currently the second quarter of the game between the Missouri Tigers and the Miami Redhawks. While the Tigers have held Miami scoreless, they are still working out the kinks of incorporating a new quarterback (James Franklin) into the system.

Franklin has thrown for 45 yards and run for 43, showing a good balance in the pocket. His completions have only averaged 3.8 yards, showing that head coach Gary Pinkel is starting with a vanilla scheme and is taking baby steps in the passing game. The change from Blaine Gabbert to Franklin is a big one, it would appear.

What are you seeing from the Tigers so far? Any opinion on how well they are playing as a team? Should ASU exploit anything?

In other news, Utah State leads Auburn in Alabama, 21-14. Boston College has an early lead on Northwestern, 10-3. Finally, college football is back! Enjoy your Saturday and GO DEVILS!