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Missouri Tigers vs. ASU Sun Devils Football Game Thread

The time has finally come! Mizzou and ASU. Blackout. Nationally broadcast game on ESPN with zero alternatives. Bars across the nation will be featuring this game for the weekend party crowd. This is one of the biggest nights in Sun Devil history!

I'm at the game, wearing a black shirt and cheering for my alma mater. I have my voice recorder on hand and will be interviewing ASU and Missouri fans alike, gauging their thoughts about the tailgating, the blackout, and the game itself.

Please be kind to Nikil45spg, who will be covering the game for the site tonight. He's up in the press box and will provide a unique angle on the game. As a sophomore at Arizona State, I am sure you will enjoy his perspective on the proceedings.

James Franklin is no match for Vontaze Burfict and the ASU defense! Brock Osweiler will lead us to victory! It's time, Devils fans. GO DEVILS!