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ASU Sports: A Look Back At The Last 3 January News Cycles

The Sun Devils are flying below the radar right now. Without a football season and a terrible basketball team, we just don't have much to care for. That led me to wonder, has January ever been interesting at House Of Sparky? I went back in time to find out.


James Harden Shuts Down #7 UCLA Bruins, #15 ASU Wins 61-58 in OT - House Of Sparky
The glory days of our basketball team, when James Harden and Jeff Pendergraph could defeat the 7th ranked basketball team in the country... on the road. January 2009 feels SO far away.

BYU Officially Drops ASU From 2009 Schedule - House Of Sparky
In January 2009, the Cougars said adios to the Sun Devils from the 2009 football schedule in favor of the Oklahoma Sooners in Dallas. We picked up Louisiana Monroe.


Gymnastics Corner: Q&A with Kaitlynn Bormann of the Lady Devils - House Of Sparky
We interviewed an ASU gymnast in January 2010.


Sun Devils Score 41 Points? Seriously? - House Of Sparky
Some incredibly insightful analysis after Stanford defeated the Sun Devils in January 2011.

My thoughts? No, January never has been interesting. But it can certainly start to be, with Brad and Nikil bringing you up to speed on ASU's football statistics for 2011 and the state of the basketball program (goodbye, Keala King).