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Kyle Williams Relives History In NFC Championship Game

What a brutal loss for Kyle Williams and the San Francisco 49ers against the New York Giants on Sunday evening.

With the game nearly in hand, Williams allowed a punt to touch his knee, which was then recovered by the Giants. Then, in overtime, Williams was stripped on a punt return, allowing Lawrence Tynes an opportunity to kick a 31-yard field goal, propelling Eli Manning and the Giants into the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.

ASU fans across the country couldn't help but feel an odd sense of deja vu. In 2009, Williams tried to be a hero at the end of the Territorial Cup game between the Sun Devils and Arizona, attempting to catch a punted ball after calling fair catch. He muffed it, and the Wildcats recovered, leading to a 32-yard field goal for the Arizona victory.

Skip to :48 in this video to recap that lousy moment in Sun Devil history.

Williams did it again on Sunday, and we all feel awful for him. Though I don't know any ASU fans who would have put him back there in such a huge situation, knowing his penchant for errors.

All the vitriol on Twitter, threatening Williams' life and family, must stop immediately. This was only a game, after all. There are far more important things in life to focus on and to threaten this man in such a way is a disgraceful act.