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ASU Men's Basketball At USC: Game Preview

My debut preview in the ASU men's basketball section...exciting!

Anyhow, here it is:

And here are the following things I'll talk about... after the jump!

- Last season's Trojans that made the NCAA Tournament

- This season's roster with the loss of Vucevic, Stephenson, Simmons and Fontan (via injury)

- Season so far: 5-10 in a rough schedule.

- Style of play on both ends of the floor (NBA offense, great defense)

- Key Trojan Personnel, including Maurice Jones, Aaron Fuller, Dewayne Dedmon and more.

- Stategies on both ends of the floor, like

a) Crashing the glass, to allow for 2nd chances and a fast break counterattack

b) Pushing the ball: SC won't have the horses to compete in a transition game.

c) Take the 3; that's the only thing opponents shot well (34 something percent).

d) If possible, force USC to be in foul trouble.

e) Avoid Turnovers. Duh.

- Some things to look for

a) How Keala King and Trent Lockett play in the game; they are the leading scorers (esp. Lockett, who is not doing well, probably because of the fatigue)

b) How Felix and Cain, Pateev and Jordan B contribute outside of ASU's core twosome.