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ASU WR T.J. Simpson Denied Sixth Year Of Eligibility, According To Source

While the rest of the college football world focuses on the upcoming National Signing Day, one young man was waiting to learn his fate. T.J. Simpson, who tore his ACL in spring practice, missed the entire 2011 season while he went through the arduous process of healing his body.

Simpson applied for a sixth year of eligibility in order to improve his chances of getting drafted, as he would likely be the #1 wide receiver on the Sun Devils depth chart in 2012. According to, Simpson's request was denied.

A talented wide receiver, Simpson figured to get plenty of snaps in 2011 before his injury. In 2010, Simpson caught 29 passes for 481 yards, with his best game coming against USC, where he grabbed eight receptions for 95 yards.

Should this report be true, it would be a big loss for a depleted offensive unit. We wish Simpson the best of luck as he attempts to become an NFL wide receiver.

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