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A Sincere Thank You Note To Brock Osweiler

How Brock should be remembered.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
How Brock should be remembered. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Hey Brock,

They say that the brightest flame burns quickest, and it seems that could describe your Sun Devil career. Only 15 starts and you think you are ready for the NFL? That's a ballsy move, but then again, moxie is something you've never been lacking.

It seems lot of fans are upset at your decision, especially in light of your earlier statements that you were coming back for your senior year. They're feeling betrayed, but more so, it's probably a sense of panic. You brought a level of play to the quarterback position that the program has lacked for years, and now the team faces a very uncertain transition period not only with a new coach but with a new quarterback.

Sure, they have a point, but after I take the entire situation in and process it, I don't feel anger, fear, remorse or bewilderment. I feel appreciation.

Brock, thank you. Thank you for your time as a Sun Devil. Thank you for infusing excitement back into the program. Thank you for giving your all to a team, when so many of your teammates didn't. ASU was lucky to have you, and I wish you luck in the NFL.

Yes, you only started 15 games, but you arguably were at the helm for the three biggest wins that the program had perhaps since the Rose Bowl and packed in several more exciting moments that will be replayed for years.

Your five touchdown effort in relief of Threet against UCLA last season really gave the team and fans hope during a very dark period. You led a huge win over Missouri and, of course, you helped bring about the fall of Troy.

But Brock, years from now when I hear your name mentioned, I'm not going to think of those moments. I'm not going to think of your record setting 2011 season in which you set four major records. I'm not even going to think of your height (the same can't be said of every play-by-play announcer ever).

No, I'm thinking about one thing: you hoisting the pitchfork after the thrilling win against Arizona.

Look at that photo above. At that exact moment, every Sun Devil everywhere was on Cloud 9, feeling a joy they haven't felt a long time before or since. If for nothing else, thank you for helping to provide that. The quarterback carousel will continue to run in Tempe forever, but that single moment will live on in the pantheon of Sun Devil lore.

Sure, this season sucked. No question. After an amazing start, your play tailed off down the stretch. But as so many of your teammates quit and checked out mentally, you were among the few Sun Devils who fought on. To you, being a Sun Devil carried with it both pride and responsibility.

When you feverishly waved off the punt team against Boise State? Awesome. Even you knew that the Devils had no chance to win that game, yet there you were, captain of a sinking ship and if it was going down, you were going to fight with every last breath and play. If every Sun Devil had that mentality, I wouldn't be writing this but rather a preview of ASU versus LSU next Monday.

So now you're off to the NFL and a likely mid-to-late round selection on either April 27th or 28th. You probably are destined for a clipboard or the practice squad for a few years, but we've all seen your physical talent, your leadership ability and desire to get better. It probably won't be too long before you make some impact somewhere. I know you, Omar and Garth will do the Devils proud on Sundays for years to come.

Well, good luck at the Combine and your draft preparation. For you, the game's just getting started. If any fans give you any grief, don't let it get to you. Make no mistake, you did ASU proud.

Fork 'em,


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