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ASU Game Ball Awards For The Victory Over Colorado

ASU blew out Colorado 51-17, earning all sorts of awards.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

The House of Sparky team is eager to delve into ASU versus Oregon coverage, yet first must reflect back on the 51-17 victory over Colorado. The Sun Devils struggled early on, leading just 20-17 at half, but recovered to outscore the Buffaloes 31-0 during second half action.

With the win, ASU now sports a 5-1 overall record while sitting pretty in Pac-12 play at 3-0, and could potentially finally land inside the nations Top 25. ASU helped themselves by taking advantage of national ESPN exposure.

Through six games, ASU has simply taken care of business. Now, Taylor Kelly and company have the opportunity to prove legitimacy.

Before dishing out my awards, I want to say ASU's win over Colorado was the epitome of a team effort.

Game Changing Moment

Rashad Ross opened the third quarter by taking a 100-yard kick return to the house. The score gave ASU firm control. However, the game changing moment has to be Coach Graham's halftime speech!

In the first two quarters, the Devils were lethargic, playing arguably their worst football all season. ASU was underperforming, and Graham was clearly disappointed.

Even if I knew what Graham said, his words are probably not appropriate for publication. Regardless of the content, ASU players got the message.

Early on, ASU looked undisciplined and eerily similar to a Dennis Erickson coached squad. In first half action, the Devils drew five yellow hankies for 33 yards. Once Graham delivered his mid-way lecture, ASU had no penalties post second quarter action.

Without the wise words of Graham, who knows if ASU would have snapped out of the funk?

Breakout Star

Football fans throughout the state of Arizona have known about D.J. Foster for a long time. After last night, U.S.A residents across the country can now understand why.

Foster posted 132 total yards with one score, displaying endless potential. Despite only being a freshman, Foster is on pace to rack up about 1,200 yards from scrimmage.

Although Foster is light compared to most running backs at 190 pounds, he runs extremely tough. Foster is known for possessing game changing speed, often ending up in the second level of opposing defenses.

Come season's end, Foster is likely to shed the breakout star label and be considered amongst the elite in college football. At this current rate he could legitimately be a freshman All-American, earn All-Pac-12 Conference nominations and set numerous school records.

When next year gets underway, if not already, Foster may wind up being the focal point of ASU's explosive offensive attack.

Prime Time Performers

For the first time in 2012 game-ball award history, I declare co-champions for this week's prime time performer. Obviously Taylor Kelly got the nod but Marion Grice's beastly stat line deserved recognition as well.

Kelly and Grice's success was intertwined; both used each other to play outstanding football. Without assistance from both parties, neither performance would have been as impressive.

Let's start with TK, the redshirt sophomore, first year starter, and Idaho native, has been surprising and dominant. Against Colorado, Kelly went 20 for 28, 308 yards, five touchdowns and no interceptions. The former third-string quarterback is currently second to few.

Kelly's first three Pac-12 games have gone nearly perfect, completing 65.6% of attempts for 926 yards, 11 touchdowns with no picks. ASU's school record for passes without an interception is 146, set by Rudy Carpenter. Kelly is approaching the record following 99 mistake free throws.

Switching over to Grice, who pulled in three touchdown receptions among his five receptions for 101 yards. The Texas junior college transfer is handling division one football with ease.

Grice's nine trips to pay dirt lead ASU by a wide margin. Assuming the Sun Devils play 14 games, Grice is expected to surpass 20 total scores. He truly has an uncanny knack to find the end zone.

Due to an immensely talented backfield, Grice gets limited chances and still puts out starting level statistics. Grice's workload should be on the rise with consistent production.