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BCS Rankings 2012: ASU 26th Overall, Somehow

Despite lackluster results, Iowa State and Texas have kept Arizona State out of the first BCS rankings of 2012.

Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire


The record of both Iowa State and Texas, the two teams that rounded out the BCS rankings that were released on Sunday night.

Nevermind that Texas just lost by 42 points to the Oklahoma Sooners. That's right, fourty two points.

Forget the fact that the Cyclones have lost twice at home, to Texas Tech and Kansas State. That's no big deal.

Truth be told, Iowa State has had a pretty good season thus far. They've competed with some very solid programs and nearly defeated both the Red Raiders and the vaunted Wildcats of K-State.

But Texas? C'mon, man. Losing by 42 points to anyone is a sure sign that you do not deserve to be ranked. Ever again.

All of this can be a distant memory if the Arizona State Sun Devils can take care of business against the Oregon Ducks on Thursday night. Every little gripe will be erased, and ASU will comfortably sit in the top 20 next week.

For now? We can just laugh at how predictable this outdated system is. Two SEC teams at the top of the BCS rankings? Wow, sounds really surprising. I can't wait until the playoffs knock the BCS off its perch.