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ASU vs. UCLA: The Statistical Head-to-Head Preview

A statistical look at Saturday's game shows each team with an advantage on each side of the ball

Stephen Dunn

Saturday's game between Arizona State and UCLA carries with it massive implications for the Pac-12 South race. ASU is currently tied for the lead with USC, but just one loss behind both lurks the defending division champs, who have been invigorated by the new coaching staff and schemes.

We compiled the key numbers into one handy chart to see which team had the advantages.

Taking a look at the chart, a few things jump out:

  • The ground game could be troubling. UCLA has a strong rushing attack, and ASU's run defense—even with Will Sutton—has been soft.
  • Even before last Thursday, ASU's pass defense was excellent, and should be a stern test for Brett Hundley.
  • Both teams are great at getting to the quarterback, and each team gives up a lot of sacks. Michael Eubank and Richard Brehaut, you are put on notice.

Arizona_st Ucla_logo_medium
Advantage Conf National Actual Category Actual National Conf
Rank Rank Rank Rank
4th 41st 188.4 Rushing Offense 216.6 23rd 2nd
Ucla_icon_medium 5th 32nd 280.4 Passing Offense 288.7 25th 4th
Ucla_icon_medium 4th 23rd 468.9 Total Offense 505.3 13th 3rd
Asu_icon_2_medium 3rd 24th 37.7 Scoring Offense 31.7 46th 5th
Ucla_icon_medium 8th 74th 168.1 Rushing Defense 148.3 54th 6th
Asu_icon_2_medium 1st 4th 90.80 Pass Efficiency Defense 125.70 51st 7th
Asu_icon_2_medium 1st 1st 130.43 Pass Defense 250.9 84th 6th
Asu_icon_2_medium 1st 13th 298.6 Total Defense 399.1 69th 8th
Asu_icon_2_medium 3rd 23rd 18.3 Scoring Defense 22.6 41st 6th
Asu_icon_2_medium 1st 2nd 4.00 Sacks 3.29 7th 3rd
Asu_icon_2_medium 1st 1st 9.43 Tackles for Loss 7.29 20th 5th
Ucla_icon_medium 6th 50th +.14 Turnover Margin +.29 44th 5th
Ucla_icon_medium 10th 82nd 6.67 Punt Returns 8.82 57th 8th
Ucla_icon_medium 4th 28th 24.16 Kickoff Returns 24.88 23rd 3rd
Ucla_icon_medium 7th 39th 38.6 Net Punting 39.3 29th 6th
Asu_icon_2_medium 7th 96th 2.71 Sacks Allowed 3.00 105th 8th
Asu_icon_2_medium 4th 51st 42.6% 3rd Down Conversions 38.7% 75th 5th

Thanks to our friends at Ralphie Report for the inspiration for this feature (and HTML code).

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