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ASU Football: Kyle Caldwell Has a Strong Message for Sun Devil Fans

The former Sun Devil defensive end has seen the change in the fanbase over the last few weeks, and doesn't like it one bit.


The following is a collection of tweets from former Arizona State defensive end and all-around true Sun Devil Kyle Caldwell on the recent change in attitude of many ASU fans, who have turned on the team and staff after the last two losses (our take on this here). These have been published with Kyle's permission, and we encourage you to follow him on Twitter @TheCoggs50.

The sad part about the whole deal is that this staff deserves NOTHING from the stands when it comes to boos and gripes. The past decade should not be on their shoulders and to date they have worked at such a hard level to get this program flipped on so many topics it's unfair to have fans booing during games.

The past is the past and this season should have nothing to do with it. Upset many can be that ASU has not reached where we all want it to be and know it can get there. But to hear this going on after a 5-2 start to the season is ridiculous.

AZ is a melting pot and I totally get that many of the fans are transplants having no full connection to the program. Many of those are the fans that are out there doing the booing and writing the ridiculous. Those people can go SHOVE IT! They have no place in SDS if that is the way they are going to go represent this program on game day.

I can tell you from past experience as a player in SDS there is NOTHING worse than being booed by your home crowd. I had to be a part of this for two season under Dirk Koetter. Watching fans throw things on the field and cuss us players out on the sideline and for what? To show how un-loyal you are as a fan or to beat your chest at something you have no understanding about?

The fact of the matter is those fans need to stay at home on game day then and keep their outlets away from any media. Be all in!

This staff has done wonders in such a short period of time! After a 5-3 start NO ONE should be booing the hard work being put in. 5-3 is where many people had this program at this point in the year. The future is being built, and CTG and crew are doing an excellent job! Great things are coming to Tempe under the CTG watch. I can promise you that. Gotta keep speaking the victory and it will all come! Truly hope all those out there can see and understand all the intangibles in place and realize that.

There is no place for boos in SDS. Not this year. I just really hope that everyone who appreciates Sun Devil Football can be honest with themselves this season. We all have high expectations every single year. There is no doubt about that.

But it is up to the fans to help build this program. It could not be more destructive to see a half empty stadium and many of those who are there booing when they get frustrated. That is not how you motivate your players and that is not how you help the recruiting front. The fans need to really realize that on game day and get more involved in positive fashion. I'm reflecting on my own feelings as a player right now because I witnessed this all first hand and this staff/team does not deserve all of this.