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Speak of the Devils Podcast: ASU vs. Cal Recap, Mike Norvell, Kyle Caldwell & Devils Digest

The new episode is bursting with Sun Devil insider knowledge and interviews with ASU offensive coordinator Mike Norvell and much more.

(Image: Brad Denny)

It's a bye week on the schedule but not for Speak of the Devils.

Brad Denny and Joe Healey bring an absolutely packed show to the podcast world this week. First off, we take an in-depth look at the Sun Devils' huge road win over Cal. The good, the bad and everything in between gets a look.

Next up, we have a talk with ASU offensive coordinator Mike Norvell. He discusses the early success of the offense, the development of Taylor Kelly and the areas still needing improvement.

We then examine the five big points on ASU's "To Do" list for the rest of the season and the benefits and consequences of those.

Our old friend Hod Rabino of then joins us for a detailed ASU recruiting update before we chat with former ASU defensive end Kyle Caldwell. He gives a tremendous insider look at the ASU defense, as well as his thoughts on the season so far and the suspension of Mike Pennel.

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