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BlogPoll Top 25: Breaking Down The Poll

We break down the BlogPoll for this week.

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Brad introduced this week's SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 earlier today, now it's time for me to tear it to pieces.

1. Alabama: They won the title last year and haven't lost yet. No problem with this.

2. Oregon: Tons of points - definitely deserving of this spot.

3. Florida State: They continue to impress, but their schedule has hardly been difficult enough to give them this much credit.

4. LSU: Has looked okay but not a title contender at this time.

5. Georgia: These guys are good. Gut check on the road against USCe - win and you're well on your way to the SEC title game.

6. Kansas State: My heroes. Underrated, IMO. Switch them with Florida State and I wouldn't blink.

7. South Carolina: The most overrated team of the bunch so far. Just don't see too much to like here. Plus, it's ridiculous that people think four SEC teams are the top seven teams in the country.

8. West Virginia: Tons of points, but zero defense. These guys will lose soon.

9. Notre Dame: Don't get me started on the Fighting Irish. This can't last, can it?

10. Texas: Their record already has an asterisk next to it. Their next three games will define the season.

11. Florida: Face-off this weekend against LSU. Hold onto your butts.

12. Ohio State: No bowl for Urban Meyer, but the Bucks are playing at a high level.

13. Oregon State: Never say die, Beaver fans. Keep on crushing that In-N-Out burger.

14. USC: A little underrated, but they don't deserve a higher ranking until they beat some tough teams.

15. TCU: BCS conference doesn't phase these guys. I have them as a top 6 team in the country.

16. Clemson: Ugh, FSU took them to task. In a mediocre ACC, this team needs to win 9 games or the season is a failure.

17. Oklahoma: Lost to a superior team last week. Will win plenty of games in the Big 12.

18. Stanford: Rough loss to Washington, but could be a factor in the Pac-12 race down the stretch. This ranking feels accurate.

19. Louisville: Barely beat Southern Miss in a flood. Not impressed by these guys anymore.

20. Northwestern: Undefeated! NORTHWESTERN! BCS participants? Maybe. Terrible conference.

21. Mississippi State: Another undefeated, overrated SEC team. Exposure coming soon.

22. Nebraska: Mediocre Big Ten team. We're grasping at straws now.

23. Rutgers: These guys are intriguing, but it's the Big East ... looking forward to how the rest of their year pans out - could be a BCS team.

24. UCLA: The Bruins had a rough loss against Oregon State but outside of that are strong contenders in the Pac-12 South.

25. Ohio: Mid-major love! This team is fun to watch.