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BlogPoll Top 25 Ballot, Week 6: Kansas State, Alabama Slated For BCS Title Game

Kansas State and Alabama are currently our top two teams, ready to face off in the BCS National Championship Game.

Scott Sewell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Here we are again, intrepid Top 25 travelers of time and space.

With the bye week, Arizona State has moved up and into the top 25 on my ballot. Many teams on the fringe lost games on Saturday, and with a manageable game scheduled against Colorado on Thursday, the Sun Devils are in prime position just one week before the initial BCS rankings are released.

Kansas State continued to steamroll the opposition, opening up the Kansas front seven for 56 points. 346 rushing yards and six rushing touchdowns? The Wildcats are ready to face off against the cream of the crop in the SEC for all the marbles.

Oregon once again looked unbeatable against Washington, but their next test, Arizona State in Tempe, will be a very stiff one. At this point, it could be the best chance for anyone in the Pac-12 to topple the Ducks.

West Virginia also looks quite tough and could make a move into the BCS game if they can pull off an upset over K-State in 12 days.

Other notes: I was wrong about South Carolina, they look pretty good after all. Ohio State is kicking itself for not self-imposing a bowl ban last year, and there are three undefeated teams in the Big East. Please make it stop, football gods.

So what do you think? Where am I going wrong? Give me your thoughts.