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Pac-12 Power Rankings, Week 10: Oregon takes BCS spot

Oregon is in line to play in the BCS National Championship Game. Can they close out the final three games of the season to make that dream a reality?

Stephen Dunn

Week 11, and only minor alterations to the Power Rankings took shape: UCLA passes Oregon State to take the third spot in the rankings. Other than that, everyone stays in place. All the top tier teams won and the bottomfeeders dropped another game.

1. Oregon Ducks (10-0, 7-0 Pac-12 conference play, last week: 1)

Cal did not pose a threat in the Pac-12 nightcap. The Ducks knew that a win would mean the 2nd overall ranking in the BCS, and a scheduled meeting against Kansas State. The BCS title is Oregon's for the taking.

2. Stanford Cardinal (8-2, 6-1 Pac-12 conference play, last week: 2)

Stanford got to play Colorado, and did what every other team in the conference has been doing: beat them mercilessly. With games against Oregon, OSU and UCLA to finish out the season, the Cardinal have a puncher's chance at a BCS game.

3. UCLA Bruins (8-2, 5-2 Pac-12 conference play, last week: 4)

UCLA continues to find ways to win, even if they do not look dominant in all of the performances. The Bruins have their second title game appearance in the bag if they can beat USC at home to close out the season.

4. Oregon State Beavers (7-2, 5-2 Pac-12 conference play, last week: 3)

Tough, tough loss to Stanford. Oregon State is finally coming back down to earth, but they are a good team that will be competitive in a solid bowl game.

5. Washington Huskies (6-4, 4-3 Pac-12 conference play, last week: 5)

Another week, another win for UW. The Huskies have won three straight, and finish the season against Colorado and Wazzu. Another possible 8-win team.

6. USC Trojans (7-3, 5-3 Pac-12 conference play, last week: 6)

Marqise Lee is a superstar. Matt Barkley's passes have not been as good as they used to be, but the Trojans still have a shot at the Rose Bowl if they can beat UCLA and Oregon/Stanford in the Pac-12 title game.

7. Arizona Wildcats (6-4, 3-4 Pac-12 conference play, last week: 7)

Arizona did the expected thing and beat down Colorado. The Wildcats have a shot at eight wins if they can beat Utah and ASU.

8. Utah Utes (4-6, 2-5 Pac-12 conference play, last week: 8)

Tough loss to Washington. Utah still feeling its way through a growth cycle in the Pac-12, but they are within a few years of being competitive in the South.

9. Arizona State Sun Devils (5-5, 3-4 Pac-12 conference play, last week: 9)

The Sun Devils are sporting a four game losing streak, and are scraping to find answers after an excellent start to the 2012 campaign. Can ASU beat Wazzu or Arizona to lock up a bowl bid? Not without some adjustments from the coaching staff and improvement on the offensive line and from the wide receivers.

10. California Golden Bears (3-8, 2-6 Pac-12 conference play, last week: 10)

A loss to Oregon was anticipated, but eight losses with another game to play (against Stanford) is brutal.

11. Washington State Cougars (2-8, 0-7 Pac-12 conference play, last week: 11)

The Cougars put up a spirited fight against the Bruins, scoring 29 points in the second half to put a scare into UCLA. With the Marquess Wilson situation just hitting its apex, the team held strong together and fought hard. They play Arizona State next week in what will be ASU's best chance to qualify for a bowl berth. Wazzu will be looking for their first conference win of the season, and they might get it.

12. Colorado Buffaloes (1-9, 1-6 Pac-12 conference play, last week: 12)

The latest team to blow out the hapless Buffs? Arizona. Dreadful stuff.