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ASU vs. Washington State: The Statistical Head-to-Head Preview

A statistical look at Saturday's game shows some interesting advantages

(Photo: ASU)

For a team riding a four-game losing streak, there are few teams that serve as a better tonic than Washington State.

The Cougars come into the game losers of seven straight, and are in the midst of significant internal turmoil. Nevertheless, they have some talented players on both sides of the ball, and every Sun Devil fan knows that Wazzu can not be overlooked.

We compiled the key numbers from each team into one handy chart to see which team had the advantages. Taking a look at the chart, a few things jump out:

  • ASU has advantages is most every area, and even WSU's lofty passing rank is due in part to their complete ignorance of the running game.
  • No team gets sacked more than the Cougars, and if ASU's 2nd ranked pass rush can do it's job, it can help to neutralize WSU's 6th ranked passing game and ground the offense to a halt.
  • Both teams are very proficient in accumulating sacks and tackles-for-loss. This could be a battle of big plays, both offensively and defensively.

Arizona_st Wsu_logo_medium
Advantage Conf National Actual Category Actual National Conf
Rank Rank Rank Rank
Asu_icon_2_medium 5th 46th 176.0 Rushing Offense 32.9 124th 12th
6th 45th 261.0 Passing Offense 337.5 6th 1st
Asu_icon_2_medium 5th 39th 437.0 Total Offense 370.4 91st 9th
Asu_icon_2_medium 5th 34th 35.0 Scoring Offense 20.7 103rd 11th
Wsu_icon_medium 9th 80th 177.1 Rushing Defense 162.4 67th 7th
Asu_icon_2_medium 1st 14th 108.46 Pass Efficiency Defense 140.17 91st 11th
Asu_icon_2_medium 1st 4th 167.6 Pass Defense 265.7 102nd 9th
Asu_icon_2_medium 2nd 29th 344.7 Total Defense 428.1 84th 9th
Asu_icon_2_medium 6th 47th 24.7 Scoring Defense 33.0 95th 10th
Asu_icon_2_medium 2nd 2nd 4.00 Sacks 2.80 17th 5th
Asu_icon_2_medium 2nd 2nd 8.80 Tackles for Loss 7.50 11th 5th
Asu_icon_2_medium 4th 41st +.40 Turnover Margin -.70 98th 11th
Wsu_icon_medium 10th 81st 7.13 Punt Returns 8.5 60th 6th
Wsu_icon_medium 5th 40th 22.97 Kickoff Returns 23.33 34th 4th
Asu_icon_2_medium 2nd 13th 40.31 Net Punting 35.18 95th 11th
Asu_icon_2_medium 9th 111th 3.3 Sacks Allowed 4.6 124th 12th
Asu_icon_2_medium 5th 69th 39.2% 3rd Down Conversions 32.3% 109th 10th

Thanks to our friends at Ralphie Report for the inspiration for this feature (and HTML code).

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