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ASU Hockey: Sun Devils to Move to New Western Collegiate Hockey League in 2013

Arizona State has built the nation's top ACHA hockey program, and next year they'll be moving to a new league

(Photo: Allyson Cummings)

The Arizona State hockey program has ventured into a number of new and exciting frontiers lately.

The team achieved the top ranking in the ACHA, a spot that they still hold heading into this weekend's action. They have won their first 15 games for the first time in team history, and next year, they'll have a new home.

On Tuesday, it was learned that beginning in the 2013-2014 season, the Sun Devils will become a charter member in the new Western Collegiate Hockey League (WCHL), which will be a Division 1 member of the ACHA.Arizona State will be joined by Arizona, Colorado, Colorado, Oklahoma and Central Oklahoma. Colorado and Colorado State are currently in the ACHA's Division 2, and both will be making the leap up to Division 1 where the other four teams currently play.

Each team will play 16 league games, with four coming against their intrastate rival, and three against the remaining league members.

Currently, the Sun Devils, Arizona and the two Oklahoma teams all play as Independents.

The No. 1 ranked Sun Devils will play their future league rivals this week, as they hit the road for a very tough road trip. On Thursday, they will tackle No. 16 Central Oklahoma, and Friday they'll hit the ice against the sixth ranked Sooners.